New Age for Marketing – Redbull Stratus Jump

The Red Bull Status jump aired live on YouTube Sunday and set a new standard for Social Media Marketing Campaigns. More than 8 Million people watched as Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier and hit speeds of up to 833.9 miles per hour in nothing but a space suit. This not only marked a new age for mankind, but also may be the new paradigm in advertising models.

Some of the statistics from this experience show more than 8 Million people viewed the live event Sunday. More than 216,000 Facebook “Likes” were created with 10,000 comments and 29,000 shares within 40 minutes. Furthermore, Twitter shows that more than half of the trending topics on Twitter, and this is worldwide, were about the jump.

So what does this mean for Red Bull, well some marketing experts believe this may be a record breaking month in Red Bull Sales because of the mind share and heart share created by this experience Red Bull created for adrenalin junkies around the globe.

This may be a perfect example of how marketing resources like YouTube and Twitter and can gain huge market share in a world where many companies view legacy advertising, Radio, TV and Newspaper ultimate in this regard. The good news is that just about anyone with access to the internet can have access to these marketing resources. This means even the smallest of companies can gain a good size audience with tools like those offered by YouTube and Twitter.

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