Best SEO Advice

When it comes to driving customers to your website, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as receiving high rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  There is of course an art when it comes to receiving those good rankings and optimizing your website for these search engines.  There are books, magazines and articles […]

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Spider Landing Page

Below is a great example of a landing page using a call tracking number and Google tracking methods to track landing page effectiveness and to increase new customer acquisition for Midwest Pest Control in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here is the link to he page if you would like to see this page in live.

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Marketing Via Online Communities

Why Online Communities? Not too long ago, stores survived by selling products to folks in their small town.  These days it seems like everyone wants to go national and sell their merchandise via online shops in every state in the country. Some businesses even wish to go global.  This can be a great idea, but […]

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Optimizing Google Places

Google Places Optimization If you don’t have your business on Google Places, you should.  These are the listing you see when a person types in a type of business into a Google Search. You can see an example of this below for the search “Logan UT Restaurants”. These listing help in finding your business when […]

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Fast and Easy Article for Blog Posts

Let’s face it, these days you need to use your blog in order to drive traffic to your website.  Most clients I talk to struggle to come up with content for their blogs and articles. This for many webmasters is one of the most difficult tasks, so I have written down a few ideas to […]

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PPV or PPC Which is better?

So you want to know what works better, PPV (pay per view) or PPC (pay per click) when it comes to your ad campaigns. Truth is, it depends. I base my decision on price. Recently I have run several ad campaigns on Facebook. One for which Facebook suggested a bid of around 6.00 – […]

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Interactive Window Display Examples

This interactive window display technology may seem like technology of the future, but in fact, this technology is available today and we can help you get it. You can use this type of technology to engage your customers in a way you never thought possible. Embedded in this post are several videos showing the uses […]

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New Age for Marketing – Redbull Stratus Jump

The Red Bull Status jump aired live on YouTube Sunday and set a new standard for Social Media Marketing Campaigns. More than 8 Million people watched as Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier and hit speeds of up to 833.9 miles per hour in nothing but a space suit. This not only marked a new […]

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Cache Chamber Phone App

We are excited to be the company who developed a phone application for the Cache Chamber of Commerce in Logan, Utah.  This app was created as a way for chamber members to keep current with news and other information chamber members would appreciate.  This type of phone app can be shared by its users via […]

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