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Seo-LogosWhen it comes to driving customers to your website, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as receiving high rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  There is of course an art when it comes to receiving those good rankings and optimizing your website for these search engines.  There are books, magazines and articles all around the web on how to best do this, but in my opinion, the best advice I received was to think like a programmer would.

You may now be thinking I don’t know the first thing about programming, how is that advice going to help me?  Well, the answer is simply that even though there is an incredible set of algorithms and programs running in the background to filter search results, this program was created by a human.  So the question is, if you were a programmer and you could tell the program what to search for in order to find the perfect search results, what would you tell the program to look for.

Search engines like Google want to find the most relevant information they can about a particular subject and only show pages in the results that are relevant to what the searcher is looking for.  It wouldn’t be a very good search engine if you searched for ice cream, and the results returned were about elephants.  Google prides itself on offering the best and most relevant information and is a bit embarrassed when showing results that are not inline with the search initiated.

So back to the question, what would you tell your program to look for?  Think about that next time you are writing an article or building a page for your website.  If you were Google and responsible for creating a program to find your page based on a certain search, would this page be the one you would choose?  If not, how could you make that page more relevant to the search you are hoping to be found for.

Here are two big SEO (search engine optimization) hints:

  1. Is the content of the post or page relevant to what people are searching for regarding the subject?
  2. Do other people find the content relevant?

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